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March 21, 2016

Financials - The financials over last month remain consistent. Active accounts are running with a positive balance while the retiree health accounts have a negative balance. Increased costs in pharmacy as well as a slight increase in population are contributing to the projected fiscal year end deficit in retiree health OPEB.

Open Enrollment - Staff is beginning to set up open enrollment schedules. All communications will be completed by the Office of the State Comptroller. Staff reported working with Segal to determine rates for 2016-17.

Partnership - Staff continues to actively market Partnership 2.0. There are two small groups joining the Partnership Plan 2.0 for 3/1 and two small groups for 4/1. There is a high level of interest for 7/1/16 enrollment, but groups are waiting for final rates to make the final determination as to whether to join the Partnership.

No other old business was discussed.

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