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January 11, 2016

Meeting Called to Order by Tom Woodruff

Financials - Staff continues to report increased pharmacy costs are driving the overall increase in healthcare costs. The fiscal year is projected to end with a negative balance on the retiree side; however, the active side is expected to end the fiscal year with a positive balance. Staff reported that an increased population on the retiree side will further impact the negative balance.

Partnership - Staff is actively marketing the new Partnership 2.0 program. Three small groups will be joining the Partnership 2.0 plan effective 3/1 and 4/1. There are several 7/1 groups who are looking at the program and requesting meetings with staff to learn more about the program.

Healthcare Consultant Reporting - Tom reported that the contract with Segal is being finalized. For the February 2016 meeting, Segal plans to provide a sample of what the monthly reporting would look like and ask the committee for feedback on other data elements that they would like to see in the monthly reporting.

There was no old business brought forward.

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