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October 7, 2013

Meeting Called to Order by Thomas Woodruff

New Business:

Financials and Dashboard - Dave Williams presented the monthly dashboard report on financials. He presented the new format for FY 2014. It was noted that claims experience is running well, but an increase in enrolled members needs to be reviewed to ensure budget amounts are on target.

Partnership and MEHIP Plan Update - Staff reported that total lives in the Partnership Plan were 2,471. Also, the pharmacy only offering under Partnership was discussed with an update provided on the mailing was sent out. The Healthcare Analysis Unit has received one quote request so far, but several inquiries have come into the office.

Health and Wellness Fairs - Staff announced that the Health and Wellness Fair for state employees and retirees would be held at the State Capitol and Hall of Flags on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013. The purpose of the fair is to promote health and wellness. Offerings at the fair will include cholesterol screenings, blood pressure screenings, balance screenings, and general health and wellness information. In addition, flu shots will be available during the fair.

SIM Update - Tom provided an update on the work being done on the SIM project. The state's final proposal is anticipated for submittal to CMS in early December of 2013.

Dental RFP - Tom announced that the dental RFP will be forthcoming. A draft of the request for proposal was targeted for November. The RFP will be for a 3 year contract with a 2 year renewal clause. An RFP Committee will need to be formed.

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