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Healthcare Cost Containment Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday, October 1, 2012

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Thomas Woodruff.

II. New Business

1. Dashboard: Bill Thompson of Milliman presented a high-level review of costs, claims, expenses, trend analyses, and key service category metrics.  Sick visits to a physician continue about 20% higher than benchmark, although more people are seeking preventive care visits.  A request to delve deeper into primary care versus specialist office visits as a result of Health Enhancement Program (HEP) compliance efforts was discussed.  Overall, financial projections continue to be in line with budgetary expectations for FY 2013. 
2. Financial Analysis: Rae-Ellen Roy presented the budget review as of September 15, 2012, and echoed last month?s update that we are on track to end the year positively as long as 100% of the appropriated funds are allotted.
3. ER Update: Dave Williams of Milliman discussed the initial findings of his emergency room and urgent care center utilization/billing review to include a variety of items that need further diagnosis and stratification.  Some of these issues include zero copayments and facility credentialing for billing purposes.  Further analysis will be explored at future meetings.
4. HEP Compliance Update: Olivia Roman announced that after additional outreach from agency Human Resources and Bargaining Unit contacts, there are approximately 187 households which remain non-compliant with HEP.  Notification letters were mailed on September 27, 2012 advising of the increase in health coverage premiums and deductibles, along with instructions on how to align compliance.  The increased premium deduction of $100 per month will begin with the October 4, 2012 paycheck. 
5. Hospital Negotiations: Connecticut hospitals have agreed to continue to bill our healthcare providers at current in-network contracted rates while negotiating hospital contracts.  As a result, State of Connecticut members will not experience any service/billing interruptions.
6. RFI Update (Executive Session): Due to the nature of this item, there are no summary minutes.

III. Old Business

IV. Vox Populi

V. Adjournment

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