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Healthcare Cost Containment Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday, November 5, 2012

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Thomas Woodruff.

II. New Business

1. Dashboard: Bill Thompson of Milliman presented a high-level review of costs, claims, expenses, trend analyses, and key service category metrics.  The numbers of primary care and specialist visits are becoming closer aligned.  Emergency room utilization drill down reporting continues to be a work in progress.  A closer examination of the credentialing of urgent care centers versus emergency rooms is needed.  Overall, financial projections continue to be in line with budgetary expectations for FY 2013.
2. Financial Analysis: Rae-Ellen Roy presented the budget review as of October 15, 2012.   Assuming there are no service changes and we are allotted 100% of the appropriated funds, we are on track to end the year positively.
3. HEP Update: Rae-Ellen Roy announced that employees with a non-compliant status are now paying the additional premium deduction and are subject to the annual deductible(s).  The Healthcare Analysis Unit has processed several Reinstatement Applications and updated employee records accordingly. 
4. RFI Update: Given the Request for Proposal process is currently underway, no update was provided.

III. Old Business

1.Vision Exam Co-Payments: All vision examination claims scheduled for re-processing have been completed.  Members can seek reimbursement for their $15 co-pay from their provider.

IV. Vox Populi

V. Adjournment

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