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Healthcare Cost Containment Committee Meeting Minutes
June 2012

Meeting called to order by Tom Woodruff

1) OPEB Report - Tom confirmed $13.3 billion reduction OPEB liability. $6.2 is attributed to medical cost trends and initial funding of trust; $4.94 billion attributed to changes in plan design (HEP) and funding methodology; $2.12 billion for future funding of trust.
2) Financial Reports - Rae-Ellen provided the budget report; noted that that hold-back was released from OPM. Milliman discussed experience report.
3) Claims - Committee discussed claim lag and looking at more detailed reports on the impact of HEP requirements such as colonoscopy. Request to look at ER trends was also discussed.
4) Open Enrollment - OSC Staff confirmed that all 40 active and 6 retiree open enrollment fairs were attended by OSC staff to answer questions and assist members in reporting scheduled appointments in the online reporting tool. Feedback from employees was positive.
5) HEP Compliance - Update on communication efforts was provided. Update on number of manual forms in-house to be entered in the tool as well as volume of reporting tool logins and phone calls was reported. Committee discussed cycle for next claim review.
6) HCCCC HEP Appeals Workgroup - Committee discussed setting up workgroup to review HEP appeals.

Old Business
CCMC/Anthem contract - Tom reported that parties are close to finalizing a deal. Discussed future hospital contracts coming up for contract negotiations with Anthem and Oxford: Hartford, Midstate, Windham, Hospital for Special Care.

Vox Populi
Partnership Plan update was provided by OSC staff. Voluntown and Union are joining the plan effective 7/1.

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