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Healthcare Cost Containment Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday, December 3, 2012

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Thomas Woodruff.

II. New Business

1. Dashboard: Dave Williams of Milliman presented a high-level review of costs, claims, expenses, trend analyses, and key service category metrics.  According to Dave, the overall trend is running close to expectations.
2. Financial Analysis: Rae-Ellen Roy presented the budget review as of November 15, 2012.  Not withstanding the Governor?s anticipated holdback, projections through the end of the fiscal year are positive.
3. HEP Update: Dr. Woodruff reviewed that employees with a non-compliant status began paying the additional premium deduction as of the first October 2012 payroll, and are subject to the annual deductible(s).  The Healthcare Analysis Unit has processed several Reinstatement Applications and continues to update employee records accordingly.

III. Old Business

1. RFP Update:  Dr. Woodruff advised that a contract award is anticipated very soon, and announcement will be made as appropriate.  One of the program goals is to manage the Health Enhancement Program on an ongoing, interactive basis.
2.  Emergency Room Co-Payment Waiver Requests: Both medical carriers have been processing these forms.  Once the claim has been reprocessed and a new EOB is issued, members may need to seek reimbursement directly from the hospital.
3.  Partnership Plan: Two informational sessions were conducted recently in Trumbull and Cromwell.  Feedback from attendees was favorable.  Issue of opening the Plan to non-profit organizations was brought up and will be discussed further.   
4. HEP Chronic Bonus Payment: On-going discussions are taking place to determine funding and timing of the payment.  Eligible employees have been identified.
5. UnitedHealthcare Dental:  HEP enrolled, active employee members of the Enhanced dental plan should expect to receive a letter in the coming weeks reminding them to stay in-network for maximum benefit coverage.

IV. Vox Populi

V. Adjournment

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