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Healthcare Cost Containment Committee Meeting Minutes
April 2, 2012

Meeting called to order by Tom Woodruff

1) Budget and FY 13 Rate Increase - Rae-Ellen presented budget report to the committee. Milliman presented experience report. There will be no claim increase for next year based on the current trends. SEBAC would like more detail on PT claims. Request for outcomes of previous ER studies.
2) Dependent Audit - Discussions around rules for the dependent audit are on-going between SEBAC and OLR. Information is needed quickly to be incorporated in open enrollment materials.
3) HEP Compliance Update - Decision was made to send out ?congratulations? letters to households where all members are compliant with the program requirements.
4) Open Enrollment - Confirmed dates May 1 - May 31, 2012. $15 co-pay on all plans. 1 page flyer to be sent to active employees; full planner online and hardcopies available at the fairs. Retiree planners will be mailed to all retirees. Existing retiree eligibility for HEP was brought up and will need to be tabled due to policy issues.
5) Partnership Plan - OSC staff provided an update.
6) CPCI - Tom communicated that participating practices would get a risk factor based PMPM payment from CMS. The subsidy would allow small primary care practices to provide necessary coordination of benefits. A survey is being conducted to determine practices who are PCMH certified.

Old Business

- Middlesex Hospital signed contract with Oxford
- Update on CCMC/Anthem and Oxford Contracts

Vox Populi

SEBAC expressed gratitude to OSC staff for work on issue resolution

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