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April 11, 2016

Meeting Called to Order by Tom Woodruff

Financials/Dashboard - Staff reported that increased pharmacy costs are still driving the overall increase in healthcare costs. This is highlighted in the retiree OPEB accounts where a negative balance is expected on the pharmacy side. It was noted that the plan is beginning to see some improvement in pharmacy spend with the compound drug prior authorization process in place. The outlook is slightly better for the active population where the funds awaiting distribution accounts are projected to end the fiscal year with a small reserve.

Open Enrollment - Staff reported that 2016 open enrollment will take place from May 9 ? June 3, 2016. Thirty-five open enrollment fairs have been scheduled throughout the State. All insurance vendors as well as representatives from CMSi, Prudential, and CT Fastrak will be attending. It was reported that all active employees will received a post card announcing the open enrollment period and each retiree will be mailed a 2016-17 Healthcare Options planner. All information will be posted to the Comptroller?s website.

Partnership - Staff reported that interest from the municipal market continues to grow. They continue to meet with interested groups to provide information on the Partnership 2.0 program. Staff reported that they have 12 groups joining the Partnership for 7/1, totaling approximately 6,000 new members. Also, there is some interest from Partnership 1.0 groups to transition to Partnership 2.0.

No other old business was discussed.

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