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Basic Dental Plan

Provider Listing

Updated November 9, 2006

How to Use the UnitedHealthcare Basic Dental Plan
and this Dentist Listing

This Listing was compiled to assist State of Connecticut Employees and Retirees enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare Basic Dental Plan, in choosing a dentist. In the Basic Dental Plan, participants may use any dentist, including any dentist not listed here.

The Dentists listed in this directory, based on a review of their past billing practices, do not charge more than allowed amounts. That is, while they charge the patient any applicable copayment for covered services, their history has been not to seek additional payment from the patient for such services by charging higher than the total allowable amount (the amount paid by UnitedHealthcare Dental, plus the co-payment), and then billing the patient for the balance. UnitedHealthCare will accept electronic billing directly from any dentist.

Any employee choosing a dentist in this directory who bills for such balance (that is, bills beyond any applicable co-payment) should contact UnitedHealthcare Dental at 1-800-896-4834 so that appropriate action may be taken to correct the problem. Dentists who insist on balance billing will be removed from the Basic Dental Plan directory.

This listing can be used to locate a dentist if you or your enrolled family members do not have a regular dentist, or if you need to change dentists. It can also be used to determine if your regular dentist's charges are within the Plan allowed amount. After choosing a dentist from this list, call the dentist's office to make an appointment. If you cannot find a dentist near you on this list, you may choose any dentist.

After the initial dental exam, if the dentist determines that you or an enrolled family member requires extensive non-emergency dental work, you should discuss the course of treatment and the total cost with the dentist. You can then request that the dentist send a pre-treatment estimate to UnitedHealthcare Dental. UnitedHealthcare Dental will send back to the dentist a detailed schedule showing the plan allowance, the plan payment, and your co-payment for the services. You can then make an informed decision with the dentist before obtaining the services.

If you are enrolling in State of Connecticut Dental coverage for the first time (such as a new hire), and either do not have a dentist, or if your regular dentist is a contracted dentist (asterisk), you may wish to enroll in the UnitedHealthcare Enhanced Dental Plan instead of the Basic plan. The Enhanced Dental Plan provides coverage for more services and with lower copayments. Note that newly hired employees have thirty (30) days from the date of hire to enroll in coverage.

Dentists wishing to be added to this list should contact UnitedHealthcare Dental at 1-800-822-5353.

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