Office of the State Comptroller
Retirement Services Division


Retirement Service Credit

Retirement Service Credit Includes:

  • All periods of Hazardous Duty service for which you have paid required retirement contributions
  • Periods of creditable workers’ compensation
  • Unused vacation days upon your retirement / separation from service
  • Properly documented voluntary leave taken after 6/9/94 counts as free retirement service credit
  • Periods of purchased service credit if preceded and succeeded by hazardous duty service
Additional Service Credit After the 20 year Hazardous Duty requirement is met
  • State employment in non-hazardous duty positions
  • Prior military service for which retirement credit has been confirmed
  • Prior full-time service to other states where reciprocity exists
  • Prior CT municipal service while a member of CMERS
Retirement Service Credit Excludes:
  • Any periods for which you have not paid retirement contributions including, but not limited to:
    • Un-purchased leaves of absence without pay;
    • Periods for which you exclusively received non-creditable workers’ compensation payments;
Part-Time Service:
  • If you have had part-time service, you should know that:
    • your part-time service will be treated as full-time service when determining your eligibility to retire
    • your retirement income will be calculated to produce a benefit which reflects the portion of a full-time schedule you worked throughout your state employment
  • Example:
    • Lets assume a member worked part-time at 50% of a full-time schedule for 20 years
      • For eligibility purposes, this member would receive credit for 20 years.
      • However, when calculating this member’s benefit percentage, this worker 50% of full-time for 20 years).
Further details are available on-line in the Hazardous Duty Workshop or Summary Plan Description