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Connecticut Retirement Security Authority

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Welcome to the Connecticut Retirement Security Authority, the Board which oversees the MyCTSavings program. If you are an employer or saver looking for more information about MyCTSavings, please click here to visit the program's website:

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Public Act 16-29 as amended by Public Act 16-3 (codified in Conn. Gen. Stat. Chapter 574) establishes the Connecticut Retirement Security Authority and the Connecticut Retirement Security Exchange to "promote and enhance retirement savings for private sector employees in the state." The Authority is charged with designing and implementing a program to provide private-sector employees with retirement savings accounts if their employer does not offer one.


  • CHAIR: Natalie Braswell, Comptroller
  • Shawn T. Wooden, Treasurer (David Radcliffe, Designee)
  • Jeffrey R. Beckham, OPM Secretary (Manisha Srivastava, Designee)
  • Jorge Perez, Commissioner, Dept. of Banking (Cesar Garcia, Designee)
  • Danté Bartolomeo, Commissioner, Dept. of Labor (Patrick Flaherty, Designee)
  • Thomas Sennett, appointed by the Speaker of the House
  • Keisha Palmer, appointed by the House Majority Leader
  • Alex Knopp, Esq., appointed by the Senate President Pro Tempore
  • Edward Zelinksky, appointed by the Senate Majority Leader
  • Joseph Fazzino, appointed by the Governor
  • Douglas McIntosh, Jr., appointed by the Governor
  • Richard Iovanne, appointed by the House Minority Leader
  • Toni Boucher, appointed by the Senate Minority Leader
  • Vacant, appointment of the Governor
  • Vacant, appointment of the Governor