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Administrative Services Division

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Software Inventory Overview

The Office of the State Comptroller, Administrative Services Division is responsible for defining and disseminating procedures for the establishment of software inventory databases for use by agencies of the State. This inventory may also be used to provide source documentation to verify an agency's compliance with the Copyright Act, United States (U.S.) Code - Title 17. The Department of Information Technology will provide the administrative oversight and support and monitor changes in technology that might necessitate revisions to this policy.

The purpose of these accounting procedures are established to set agency standards for governing the use of approved and/or licensed software by State agencies, to maintain inventory control of software and to establish a uniform policy for the prevention of software copyright infringement.

All software either purchased or leased by the State of Connecticut will be registered with the State of Connecticut named as the license holder (preferred) or its subdivision if required by the terms of the license agreement (for example, to qualify for an educational discount). Under no circumstances will an individual be named as the license holder of any software bought, leased or owned by the State of Connecticut, or purchased with non-State funds for use by the State.

Link to State Property Control Manual, Chapter 7 for Software Inventory Control Policy and Procedures.

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