Frequently Asked Questions

Software Inventory

Q. What information should be contained in the software property record?

A. The property control record must contain the following minimum data:
  1. Assigned Identification Number
  2. Title of Software
  3. Description - software name or functional application
  4. Version
  5. Manufacturer
  6. Software Serial/Registration Number (if available)
  7. Acquisition Type - purchased, leased, or donated (gift)
  8. Acquisition Detail - purchase order number, donation source or gift source
  9. Initial Installation Date
  10. Location and ID# of CPU device
  11. Cost - the cost of the purchased software
  12. Disposal - upgraded (list new serial number), transferred, sold or destroyed

Q. Why does an agency need a software inventory?

 A. Software is protected by the Copyright Act, U.S. code - Title 17. This act gives the owner of the copyright the exclusive rights to reproduce, sell, and distribute the copyrighted work. A software inventory (or inventories) must be established by all agencies to track and control all of their software media, licenses or end user license agreements, certificates of authenticity (where applicable), documentation and related items to assure compliance with all provisions of this law

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