Frequently Asked Questions

P-Card Program

Q: If a vendor is approved for services does that mean all the locations are approved for use with the P-Card also? For example, Town Fair Tire in East Hartford is approved, but what about the Town Fair Tire in Avon?

A: It depends on if they have the same Fein #, or if they are a franchise with a different Fein.

Q: What if a company is an LLC with a w-9 on file, but they list them selves as a partnership which is a business entity 2 on the vendor file?

A: We can only approve business entity 3's which are corporations or Not for profit business entities 4, so the P-Card could not be used with this company.

Q: Do you only approve vendors that are incorporated for the P-Card service provider list?

A: Yes, we only approve vendors who are incorporated, in order to insure our compliance with the IRS. Since the payment is made to the bank and not the vendor who is providing the service, they cannot be on this list.

Q: Can agencies still purchase from vendors who are not on the service provider list?

A: Yes, agencies can still purchase services from vendors who are not on the list. However, they cannot use the P-Card to make the purchase.

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