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Comptroller's /Core-CT Systems Security Overview

OSC/Core-CT Security

1. The Office of the State Comptroller, Administrative Services Division, issues statewide systems security procedures. It is very important that agencies have appropriate internal controls over and within the Core-CT Financial and Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to ensure that all transactions are properly authenticated and authorized. Guarding against unauthorized and inappropriate access to the Core-CT system is critical due to the integration of the Financial and HRMS Systems. Unrestricted access to the Core-CT system compromises the controls provided by segregation of duties and other safeguards that are part of manually operated systems.


Administrative Services Division has the central responsibility to review any security request for a role in the Inventory module or the Asset Management module to verify compliance with segregation of duties.


2. Security in the Core-CT system is imperative and must be restricted to only those individuals authorized to have access. The establishment or modification of user access to Core-CT is initiated by the agency's security liaison via Form CO-1092, Agency Application Security Request Form. Only permanent state employees and those acting under a Memorandum of Understanding are allowed to have access to the Core-CT production environment.


Each agency designee has the responsibility to assign a Core-CT Security Liaison to be the primary contact with the Statewide Core-CT Applications Security Administrator. The Security Liaison is responsible for monitoring all authorized access to the Core-CT Financials/HRMS application to their agency personnel, and acting as point of contact for the Core-CT Applications Security Administrator. Each agency should develop internal security procedures for Financial, HRMS and EPM users.


Comptroller's Core-CT System Security


Core-CT Application Security Request Form (CO-1092) Financials/EPM

Core-CT Application Security Request Form (CO-1092) HRMS/EPM


General Questions on Security Role Requests should be made to the agency's security liaison. The agency liaisons are listed at:


Q. Who should I contact if I have a question on Core-CT security?

A. An employee should contact their agency Core-CT Security Liaison.
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