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Staff Directory

Name Section/Unit E-mail Address Phone Number
Elizabeth Macha, Division Director Administration elizabeth.macha@ct.gov 860-702-3405
Arline Adamovich-Witek, Assistant Division Director Administration arline.adamovich-witek@ct.gov 860-702-3403
Linda Arn Administration linda.arn@ct.gov 860-702-3374
Carol Karnilowicz, Assistant Division Director Administration carol.karnilowicz@ct.gov 860-702-3401
Lavern Thomas, Supervisor Audit lavern.thomas@ct.gov 860-702-3393
Patricia Cafazzo Policy & Security patricia.cafazzo@ct.gov 860-702-3391
Betty Daly, Supervisor Policy & Security elizabeth.daly@ct.gov 860-702-3436
Marcia Clahar Audit  marcia.clahar@ct.gov 860-702-3394
Winston Small Audit winston.small@ct.gov 860-702-3392
Chrispin Stewart Banking Compliance & Contract Management chrispin.stewart@ct.gov 860-702-3407
Sarah Ormerod Banking Compliance & Contract Management sarah.ormerod@ct.gov 860-702-3410
Janet Knopf Core-CT Accounting Support janet.knopf@ct.gov 860-702-3591
Heidi Rodriguez, Supervisor Special Processing & 1099 heidi.rodriguez@ct.gov 860-702-3587
Telah Johnson Special Processing & 1099 Telah.Johnson@ct.gov 860-702-3585
Shawn Samuels, Supervisor Vendor File & ACH shawn.samuels@ct.gov 860-702-3397
Daisy Laboy Vendor File & ACH daisy.laboy@ct.gov 860-702-3406
Jessica Silva Vendor File & ACH jessica.silva@ct.gov 860-702-3418
Tracy Gale Vendor File & ACH tracy.gale@ct.gov 860-702-3414
Sarah Ballard Special Processing and 1099 sarah.ballard@ct.gov  860-702-3404
Melissa Samuel Administration melissa.samuel@ct.gov 860-702-3442
Teresa Vargas Audit teresa.vargas@ct.gov 860-702-3360
Office of the State Comptroller
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