January 13, 2017


Attention: All Human Resources and Payroll Officers
Subject: Update on the CT Pension Project, Changes To Form CO-931 - Designation of Retirement System ? Tier ? Plan-Beneficiary and Information Related to the SEDB in CATER

I. Introduction

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide agency human resources staff with an update on the CT Pension project, changes to the CO-931 form, Designation of Retirement System - Tier-Plan-Beneficiary and additional information concerning the State Employees Data Base (SEDB) within the State Data Center (CATER).

II. CT Pension Project Update

The Retirement Services Division (RSD) implemented new functionality to the existing Core-CT Pension system on December 5, 2016. As a result of this implementation Core-CT is now the official system of record.

On December 5, 2016 the conversion of the State Employees Retirement System (SERS) data and Other Post Employment Benefit (OPEB) Administration was implemented.

Further system improvements are scheduled in 2017:

As a result of the implementation, RSD will be making procedural changes to our processes. This is part of a larger effort to standardize retirement policies and procedures statewide while continuing to better serve active employees and retirees. Additional information on the system changes and impacts to agencies will be forthcoming.

III. CO-931 Form Designation of Retirement System - Tier - Plan - Beneficiaries

Effective January 17, 2017 the completion of the CO-931 form Designation of Retirement System - Tier-Plan-Beneficiaries is only required for new employees, rehired employees, employees with multiple employment, agency transfers and changes to beneficiary(ies) name and/or address change. The form is not required for employee name and/or address changes.

Please continue to use the current form CO-931 dated July 1, 2015 until further notice. A new form is being developed and will be available in early 2017.

IV. State Employees Data Base (SEDB) in CATER

The data in the State Employees Data Base (SEDB) has been converted from CATER to Core-CT. The State Employees Data Base (SEDB) on-line agency network inquiry screens will no longer be updated. The Division is interested to determine the data points used by each agency and is looking for agency feedback on information that is helpful to Human Resource and Payroll staff. We encourage each agency to email the Division at  with a list of data items that should be made available in Core-CT.

V. Old Retirement Services Division Forms - No Longer Accepted

Effective February 17, 2017 the Retirement Services Division will no longer accept forms dated earlier than June 2015 in an effort to maximize the efficiencies that have been gained in the new Pension Module. Forms received with an old date will be returned to the agency for completion on the new forms.

VI. Conclusion

The Retirement Services Division - Customer Service Center is available and should be contacted with any questions at 860-702-3480 regarding this memorandum.

Very truly yours,



Brenda K. Halpin, Director
Retirement Services Division


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