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December 1, 2016


Attention:  Chief Administrative and Fiscal Officers, and Business Managers
Subject: Revised Payment Cancellation Form CO-790

I. Purpose
To advise all State agencies that the Comptroller's Payment Cancellation Form CO-790 has been revised and can be accessed on the Comptroller's website.

II. Procedures
The new form is available at www.osc.ct.gov  and may be used immediately. After 1/1/2017 only the newly revised CO-790 will be accepted. Any older forms will be returned to the agency and not processed.

The new Form CO-790 contains the following changes:

  1. Standard reissues should be processed with the same handling code as the original payment. The default will no longer be "RA". Please be sure to verify the vendor's name and address are correct in Core-CT, and if not, request any Vendor File updates prior to submitting a reissue request. Care should be taken to review all payment schedule options and note any necessary changes on the form to ensure correct payment.
  2. When requesting payment handling code "RA", also include a valid reason for requiring the check be returned to the agency.

Form CO-790 should be used for all payments that need to be cancelled and reissued. Both Forms CO-790 and CO-790S are required if a payment needs to be cancelled and not reissued. If the payment type has been established as an exception by OSC, only the CO-790 is required for a cancel/close. Form CO-860 should be submitted to the Treasurer's Office to request a copy of a reconciled check or verify an ACH deposit to a vendor's account.

Many reissues to regular STATE vendors could be eliminated by using electronic payments, which do not get delayed or lost. When possible, encourage vendors to sign up for ACH. The enrollment forms can be found at http://www.osc.ct.gov/vendor/directdeposit.html 

III. Questions
Questions regarding this memorandum may be directed to the Accounts Payable Division of the Comptroller's Office at osc.apd@ct.gov  or (860) 702-3401.



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