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July 8, 2015


Attention: Chief Administrative and Fiscal Officers, Business Managers, and Payroll and Personnel Officers
Subject: Dues/Fees increase, Protective Services (NP-5) Bargaining Unit


In accordance with the request of the Protective Services Employees Coalition, the following dues/fees increase will be implemented effective with the pay period of July 10, 2015 through July 23, 2015 (check date of August 7, 2015):

For employees in the following job titles: Fire Inspector, Protective Services Trainee (Fire), Firefighter, Fire Lieutenant, University Fire Captain, Airport Crash Rescue Captain, Airport Crash Rescue Firefighter, Airport Crash Rescue Lieutenant, Fire Academy Trainer, Lead Fire Academy Trainer, Institution Assistant Chief and Institution Fire Chief, the dues and fees deduction will be as follows:

B.U. Deduction Deduction
Code Code Amount
09 UDPRO2 $ 37.15
09 UFPRO2 $ 37.15

For employees in the following job titles: Building & Grounds Patrol Officer, Building & Grounds Supervising Patrol Officer, Conservation Enforcement Officer, Conservation Enforcement Sergeant, Detective, Detective (Unclassified), Liquor Control Special Agent, Liquor Control Supervising Agent, Motor Vehicle Agent Supervisor, Motor Vehicle Inspector, Motor Vehicle Operator License Agent, Motor Vehicle Sergeant, Police Captain, Police Captain (Unclassified), Police Master Sergeant, Police Master Sergeant (Unclassified), Police Officer, Police Officer (Unclassified), Police Sergeant, Police Sergeant (Unclassified), Special Enforcement Officer, State Animal Control Officer, State Animal Control Supervisor, Tax Enforcement Special Agent, Tax Unit Supervisor ? Enforcement, Vehicle Weight & Safety Inspector, Training Officer, Duty Officer and Motor Vehicle Lieutenant, the dues and fees deduction will be as follows:

B.U. Deduction Deduction
Code Code Amount
09 UDPRO3 $ 31.54
09 UFPRO3 $ 31.54

For employees in the following job titles: Lottery Drawing Officer, Protective Services Trainee (Conservation Enforcement, Inspection & Enforcement, Police & Police unclassified), Buildings & Grounds Lead Patrol Officer, University Lead Dispatcher, CT Lottery Corp Security Officer, Liquor Control Agent, Liquor Control Casino Agent, Liquor Control Casino Supervising Agent, Police Lieutenant, Police Lieutenant (Unclassified), Tax Enforcement Agent, Environmental Protection Maintainer 1, 2 & 3, Environmental Protection Park & Recreation Supervisor 1, 2 & 3, Environmental Protection Fire Control Officer, Environmental Protection Operations Supervisor, Handicapped Driver Inspector, Inspection Aide, Motor Vehicle Agent, Motor Vehicle Emission Agent, and Motor Vehicle Contract Compliance Officer, the dues and fees deduction will be as follows:

B.U. Deduction Deduction
Code Code Amount
09 UDPROT $ 29.23
09 UFPROT $ 29.23


Agencies should verify that employees are in the correct dues/fees deduction for the job titles listed in bold above. Any necessary corrections should be made on the Create General Deduction page.


Please direct all questions or requests for assistance regarding payroll procedures to the Comptroller's Payroll Services Division at (860) 702-3447.



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