State of Connecticut Office of the State Comptroller MEMORANDUM NO. 2015-03 Attachment PETTY CASH FUND REPORT

Actual Cost Fringe Benefits

Account Actual Cost
Code Fringe Benefit Description Expenditure Basis
50410 Employer Share Group Life Insurance State Share Premium
50420 Employer Share Medical Insurance State Share Premiums
for Medical, Dental and Prescription Coverage
50441 Employer Share FICA-Social Security Federal Tax Rate of 6.2%
of applicable wages up to
Federal maximum limit.
50442 Employer Share FICA-Medicare Federal Tax Rate of 1.45%
of applicable wages - no maximum limit.

Percentage Rate Fringe Benefits

Code Fringe Benefit Description FY 2015-16 Rate
50430 Unemployment Compensation 0.12%
50471 Employer SERS Retirement Regular Employee 53.58%
50471 Employer SERS Retirement Hazardous Duty 62.51%
50472 Employer Alternative Retirement Program 11.99%
50473 Employer Teachers Retirement 43.14%
50474 Employer Judges/Compensation Commissioners
Retirement Plan 52.92%

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