Proprietary Fund Financial Statements

Major Funds

University of Connecticut and Health Center:

This fund is used to account for the operations of the University of Connecticut a comprehensive institution of higher education, which includes the University of Connecticut Health Center and John Dempsey Hospital.

State Universities:

This fund is used to account for the operations of the State University System which consist of four universities: Central, Eastern, Southern, and Western.

Bradley International Airport:

The airport is owned by the State of Connecticut and is operated by the Bureau of Aviation and Ports of the State of Connecticut, Department of Transportation and the Board of Directors of the Airport. In 1982, the State issued the Airport, 1982 series Revenue Bonds in the aggregate principal amount of $100,000,000 and established the Airport as an enterprise fund. The State also donated in the same year capital assets having a net book value of $33.3 million to the enterprise fund.

The Connecticut Lottery Corporation:

The Connecticut Lottery Corporation, a public instrumentality and political subdivision of the State of Connecticut was created on July 1, 1996 for the purpose of generating revenues for the State of Connecticut's General Fund through the operation of a lottery.

Employment Security:

to account for the collection of unemployment insurance premiums from employers and the payment of unemployment benefits to eligible claimants.

Clean Water:

to account for resources used to provide loans to municipalities to finance waste water treatment projects.

Nonmajor Funds

Nonmajor proprietary funds are presented, by fund type beginning on page 116.