State of Connecticut

Governmental Fund Financial Statements

Major Funds

General Fund:

This fund is the State's general operating fund. It accounts for the financial resources and transactions not accounted for in other funds.

Debt Service Fund:

This fund is used to account for the accumulation of resources for and the payment of, principal and interest on special tax obligation bonds of the Transportation fund.

Transportation Fund:

to account for motor vehicle taxes, receipts and transportation related federal revenues collected for the purposes of payment of debt service requirements and budgeted appropriations made to the Department of Transportation. The Department of Transportation is responsible for all aspects of the planning, development, maintenance, and improvement of transportation in the state.

Restricted Grants and Accounts Fund:

This fund is used to account for resources which are restricted by Federal and other providers to be spent for specific purposes.

Nonmajor Funds

Nonmajor governmental funds are presented, by fund type beginning on page 92.