Due Date Report Of Submitted By Submitted To
August Taxable Benefits Applicable agencies Payroll
- payroll transactions Services
September 1 Bank Accounts All agencies with bank Budget and
accounts Financial Analysis
September 7 GAAP Closing Package All agencies Budget and Financial Analysis
September 30 Federal Financial Assistance Applicable agencies Budget and
Reporting Package Financial Analysis
September 30 Dog Tag Sales Department of Agriculture Budget and Financial Analysis
October 1 Annual Report of All All agencies Fiscal Policy
Real & Personal Property Division
October 25 Accounts Receivable UCONN Health Center Budget and Financial Analysis
November Taxable Benefits Applicable agencies Payroll
- payroll transactions Services
December 20 Estimates of Revolving Department of Budget and
Fund Requirements Administrative Services Financial Analysis
December 31 Statewide Cost Allocation All agencies receiving Budget and
Plans Federal or any other grants Financial Analysis-
or private funds Cost Unit
December 31 Cash Management All agencies operating Budget and
Improvement Act (CMIA) major federal programs Financial Analysis
Annual Report covered by CMIA

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