State of Connecticut

Capital Projects Funds

State Facilities:

to account for proceeds of bond issues and other sources and the subsequent expenditures for the construction of various state buildings and structures.


to account for the proceeds of bond issues and related capital project grants to finance the State's transportation infrastructure program over a ten-year period. This program encompasses the planning, acquisition, removal, construction, equipping, reconstruction, repair, rehabilitation and improvement of, and acquisition of easements and rights-of-way with respect to, State highways and bridges, projects on the interstate highway system, alternate highway projects in the interstate substitution program (the "interstate trade-in program"), waterway facilities, aeronautic facilities (excluding Bradley International Airport), the highway safety program, maintenance garages and administrative facilities of the Department, payment of the State's share of the costs of the local bridge program and payment of State contributions to the local bridge revolving fund.

Other Transportation:

to account for the proceeds of bond issues and related grants to be used for other transportation related capital projects.