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 Unemployment Compensation Separation Codes

Separation Code Short Description Long Description Report Summary Description
0000 No separation recvd Other - No separation received. Other
0100 Quit-abandoned job Quit - Failed to return. Quit
0200 Quit-no notice given Quit - No notice given. Quit
0300 Quit-no reason given Quit - No reason given. Quit
0400 Quit-voluntarily Quit - Other. Quit
0410 Quit-mutual-not protestab Quit - Mutual agreement (not protestable). Quit
0420 Quit-mutual-protestable Quit - Mutual agreement (protestable). Quit
0430 Quit - anticipated DC/LW Quit - In anticipation of discharge or layoff. Quit
0500 Quit-during assign. Quit - During work assignment without notice. Quit
0600 Quit-fail to report Quit - Accepted job, but failed to report. Quit
0700 Quit-unavailable Quit - Not available for work. Quit
0800 Quit-no return-LOA Quit - Failed to return from a leave of absence. Quit
0900 Quit-job refusal Quit - Refused an offer of work. Quit
0910 Quit-Failed/Refuse Recall Quit - Failed to return/refused recall from LOW Quit
0920 Quit-Anticipated Layoff Quit - In anticipation of layoff Quit
0930 Quit-Refused transfer Quit - Refused transfer. Quit
1000 Quit-to retire Quit - Retired (work was available). Quit
1010 Quit-retire - w/pen Quit - Retired - receiving pension. Quit
1020 Quit-retire-no pen Quit - Retired - without pension. Quit
1030 Quit-ret-job rel dis Quit - Retired due to disability (job related). Quit
1040 Quit-ret-disab n/job Quit - Retired due to disability (not job related) Quit
1050 Quit-early buyout Quit - Accepted government early buyout. Quit
1060 Quit-Accept early retire Quit - Accepted company offer of early retirement Quit
1100 Quit-unreported abs. Quit - Three days of unreported absences. Quit
1101 Quit-5 days unreport abs Quit - Five days of unreported absences. Quit
1200 Quit-for better job Quit - Accept more remunerative employment. Quit
1300 Quit-Not renew perm/visa Quit - Did not renew work permit or visa. Quit
1400 Quit-for another job Quit - Accept other employment. Quit
1410 Quit-own business Quit - Started own business. Quit
1420 Quit-military Quit - Join the military. Quit
1430 Quit-perm. w/client Quit - To go permanent with client. Quit
1500 Quit-to leave area Quit - Relocate - leave the area. Quit
1510 Quit-relocate spouse Quit - To relocate with spouse. Quit
1600 Quit-personal reason Quit - Personal reasons. Quit
1610 Quit-pers-marriage Quit - Personal reasons (marriage). Quit
1620 Quit-pers domestic Quit - Personal reasons (domestic obligation). Quit
1630 Quit-school hrs conflict Quit - Personal reasons (conflict w/school hours). Quit
1640 Quit-other job conflict Quit - Personal reasons (other job conflict). Quit
1700 Quit-transportation Quit - Transportation problems. Quit
1800 Quit-no babysitter Quit - Child care problems. Quit
1900 Quit-due to health Quit - Health reasons. Quit
1901 Quit-health-fam mem Quit - Due to the health of a family member. Quit
1902 Quit-personal health Quit - Due to personal health reasons. Quit
2000 Quit-pregnancy Quit - Maternity reasons. Quit
2100 Quit-dissatisfied Quit - Dissatisfied. Quit
2110 Quit-dissat. wrk hr Quit - Dissatisfied with work hours. Quit
2115 Quit- job dissatisfaction Quit - job dissatisfaction. Quit
2120 Quit-dissat. salary Quit - Dissatisfied with salary. Quit
2130 Quit-dissat. wrk con Quit - Dissatisfied with working conditions. Quit
2140 Quit-dissat. perf apprais Quit - Dissatisfied with performance appraisal. Quit
2150 Quit-dissatis fringe ben Quit - Dissatisfied with fringe benefits. Quit
2160 Quit-dissatis career opp Quit - Dissatisfied with career opportunities. Quit
2170 Quit-dissat. co.pol. Quit - Dissatisfied with company policies. Quit
2180 Quit-dissatis co-wrkrs Quit - Dissatisfied with co-workers. Quit
2190 Quit-dissat. supv. Quit - Dissatisfied with supervisor. Quit
2200 Quit-walked off job Quit - Walked off the job. Quit
2300 Quit-to stay at home Quit - To stay at home. Quit
2400 Quit-fail to contact Quit - Failed to maintain contact for assignments. Quit
2500 Quit-to go to school Quit - Attend school. Quit
2600 Quit-medical reason Quit - Medical reasons. Quit
2700 Quit-med disability Quit - Medical disabilities. Quit
3100 Dsch-rpt intoxicated Discharge - Reported to work under the influence. Discharge
3200 Dsch-drinking on job Discharge - Using intoxicants on the job. Discharge
3300 Dsch-intox. on job Discharge - Intoxicated on the job. Discharge
3700 Dsch-tardy-warnings Discharge - Excessive tardiness. Discharge
3800 Dsch-absence-co rule Discharge - Failure to report intended absence. Discharge
3900 Dsch-left work area Discharge - Leaving work area without permission. Discharge
4000 Dsch-absenteeism Discharge - Excessive absenteeism. Discharge
4100 Dsch-unrep absences Discharge - Excessive unreported absenteeism. Discharge
4200 Dsch-poor attendance Discharge - Absenteeism and tardiness. Discharge
4300 Dsch-for fighting Discharge - Fighting on company property. Discharge
4400 Dsch-refusal to perform Discharge - Refusal to perform job duties. Discharge
4500 Dsch-equip. misuse Discharge - Misuse of equipment. Discharge
4600 Dsch-prop. destruct Discharge - Destruction of company property. Discharge
4700 Dsch-union request Discharge - Failed to remain in good union status. Discharge
4800 Dsch-rule violation Discharge - Violation of company policy. Discharge
4810 Dsch-rudeness to customer Discharge - Policy - Rudeness to customer. Discharge
4815 Dsch - violation of HIPAA Discharge - Violation of HIPAA Discharge
4820 Dsch-proprietary info Discharge - Disclosure of proprietary information. Discharge
4830 Dsch-serving minor/other Discharge - Serving minor or intoxicated customer. Discharge
4840 Dsch-lying to mgr Discharge - Policy - Fabrication of information. Discharge
4850 Dsch-gave away food Discharge - Policy - Giving away food or beverages Discharge
4860 Dsch-substance abuse Discharge - Failed substance abuse screening. Discharge
4870 Dsch-co. credit card Discharge - Misused company credit card. Discharge
4880 Dsch-viol co. drug policy Discharge - Violation of company drug policy Discharge
4890 Dsch-background check Discharge - Unsatisfactory background check Discharge
4900 Dsch-insubordination Discharge - Insubordination. Discharge
5000 Dsch-sleeping on job Discharge - Sleeping on the job. Discharge
5100 Dsch-unsatisfactory Discharge - Unsatisfactory work performance. Discharge
5110 Dsch-misconduct perf Discharge - Misconduct related performance Discharge
5120 Dsch-Prob. Perf Discharge - Unsat. Perf./State probationary period Discharge
5130 Dsch-mutual agree no misc Discharged - Mutual agreement. No misconduct. Discharge
5150 Dsch-No misconduct Discharge - No misconduct - unsatisfactory perf. Discharge
5200 Discharged Discharge - Other. Discharge
5250 Dsch - gross misconduct Discharged - Gross misconduct. Discharge
5300 Dsch-co.prop.removal Discharge - Removal of company property. Discharge
5310 Dsch-larceny Discharge - Larceny under $25.00. Discharge
5400 Dsch-safety hazard Discharge - Violation of safety rules. Discharge
5500 Dsch-cash shortages Discharge - Excessive cash discrepancies. Discharge
5600 Dsch-pers. conflict Discharge - Personality conflict. Discharge
5700 Dsch-improp conduct Discharge - Improper conduct. Discharge
5800 Dsch-falsification Discharge - Falsification. Discharge
5810 Dsch-falsified applicatio Discharged - Falsification of application. Discharge
5811 Dsch-falsified records Discharged - Falsification of records. Discharge
5900 Dsch-did not return Discharge - Failure to report. Discharge
6000 Info not rcvd timely Requested information not returned timely Other
6300 Family leave Other - Family leave of absence. Other
6400 Released medical Discharge - Due to medical reasons. Discharge
6500 On paid vacation Other - On authorized vacation with pay. Other
6510 On vacation w/o pay Other - On authorized vacation without pay. Other
6600 Job transfer Other - Transfer. Other
6610 Job transfer diff SID Other - Job transfer to a different state id #. Other
6900 Warning/suspension Other - Disciplinary action - layoff. Other
6910 Warn/susp-suspension Other - Disciplinary action - suspension. Other
6920 Warn/susp-disp act Other - Disciplinary action - warning. Other
7000 Layoff-receiving pay Layoff - Receiving holiday and/or vacation pay. Lack of Work
7001 Layoff-receiving severanc Layoff - Receiving severance pay. Lack of Work
7100 Partial employment Layoff - Partial employment, not regular part-time Lack of Work
7200 On leave of absence Other - On leave of absence. Other
7210 LOA - medical Other - Medical leave of absence. Other
7220 LOA - maternity Other - Maternity leave of absence. Other
7230 LOA - school Other - Educational leave of absence. Other
7240 LOA - military Other - Military leave of absence. Other
7250 LOA - personal Other - Personal leave of absence. Other
7260 On leave-jury duty Other - Jury duty leave of absence. Other
7270 On leave-union business Other - Leave of absence due to union business. Other
7300 Military leave Other - On military leave. Other
7400 Mandatory retirement Discharge - Mandatory retirement. Discharge
7410 Mandatory retire w/pen Discharge - Mandatory retirement receiving pension Discharge
7420 Mandatory retire w/o pen Discharge - Mandatory retirement no pension. Discharge
7500 Requested hours cut Other - Claimant requested reduction in hours. Other
7600 Lack of work Layoff - Lack of work. Lack of Work
7610 Lack of work-temp. Layoff - Temporary lack of work. Lack of Work
7615 Lack of work-weather cond Layoff - Due to weather conditions. Lack of Work
7620 Lack of work-job elim Layoff - Position eliminated. Lack of Work
7625 Lack of work-Military rpl Layoff - Replacement due to military Lack of Work
7630 Lack of work-seasonal Layoff - Seasonal employment. Lack of Work
7640 Lack of work-cls.loc. Layoff - Location closed. Lack of Work
7645 Lack of work-sale bus/loc Layoff - Lack of work-sale of business or location Lack of Work
7647 Lack of work- Divestiture Layoff - Divestiture Lack of Work
7650 Lack of work-perm. Layoff - Permanent lack of work. Lack of Work
7660 Lack of work-cust req Layoff - Replaced at customer's request. Lack of Work
7670 Lack of work-reas.assur Layoff - Has reasonable assurance to return. Lack of Work
7680 Lack of work-assumed Layoff - Client advised to assume lack of work. Lack of Work
7681 Lack of work-Empl advised Layoff - Employer advised state of lack of work. Lack of Work
7685 Lack of work-voluntary Layoff - The claimant requested voluntary layoff. Lack of Work
7690 Lack of work-disaster Layoff - Due to natural disaster. Lack of Work
7691 Lack of work-Natl tragedy Layoff - Due to National Tragedy. Lack of Work
7700 Works all avail hrs. Layoff - Works all available hours. Lack of Work
7710 Works all avail hrs sep Layoff - Works all available hours; sep from claim Lack of Work
7720 Reduction in hours Layoff - Reduction in hours Lack of Work
7800 Regular part-time Other - Regular part-time employee. Other
7810 Regular full-time Other - Regular full-time employee. Other
7820 Works all avail hours PT Other - Part-time; works all available hours. Other
7900 Job offer made Other - Job offer made. Other
8000 Returned to work Rehire-Returned to work after temporary separation Rehire
8001 Rehired Rehired - After a prior permanent separation. Rehire
8099 New hire New hire - Newly hired employee. Other
8100 Refused job offer Other - Refused job offer. Other
8101 Refused job offer - Pay Other - Refused job offer due to pay. Other
8102 Refused job offer - Loc Other - Refused job offer due to location. Other
8103 Refused job offer -Nature Other - Refused job offer due to nature of work. Other
8104 Refused job offer - Sched Other - Refused job offer due to schedule. Other
8105 Refused job offer Not Bon Other - Refused job offer - Not Bonafide Other
8200 Labor dispute ended Labor dispute - Labor dispute ended. Labor Dispute
8300 Labor dispute Labor dispute - Labor dispute. Labor Dispute
8310 Labor disp striking union Labor dispute - Members of a striking union. Labor Dispute
8320 Labor disp Comp lockout Labor dispute - Company lockout. Labor Dispute
8330 Lab disp Wildcat strike Labor dispute - Unsanctioned strike - wildcat. Labor Dispute
8400 Honoring picket line Labor dispute - Refused to cross picket line. Labor Dispute
8500 Deceased Other - Deceased. Other
8510 Release-prison rel. Other - Separated due to prison release program. Other
8511 Client worker-rehab pgm Other - Client worker in rehabilitation program. Other
8512 Client wrkr-wrk relf Other - Participant in work relief/training pgm. Other
8513 Vol./Emerg. fireman Other - Volunteer/Emergency firefighter. Other
8514 School cross grd.27 Other - School crossing guard, section 27 (p). Other
8515 Sen. Comm. Svc. Emp. Pgm. Other - Senior Community Service Employment Pgm. Other
8516 Elected official Other - Elected official. Other
8600 Availability issue Other - Unavailable for work. Other
8700 Assignment completed Layoff - Assignment completed. Lack of Work
8800 Casual employee Layoff - Casual employee. Lack of Work
8900 Vacation shutdown Layoff - Vacation shutdown. Lack of Work
8910 Paid vac shutdown Layoff - Vacation shutdown with pay. Lack of Work
8920 Vac shutdown-no pay Layoff - Vacation shutdown without pay. Lack of Work
9000 Not your employee Other - No record of employee. Other
9001 No record under state id Other - No Sep;document received under wrong st id Other
9006 No record-work study Other - Not an employee; Work study student. Other
9008 No record Other - Not an employee; Store payroll only. Other
9009 No record-franchise emp Other - Franchise employee. Other
9100 No protest requested Other - Employer request - do not contest benefits Other
9200 Independent contractor Other - Independent contractor. Other
9201 Hired as consultant. Other - Hired as consultant. Not an employee. Other
9300 Records not avail. Other - Records not available. Other
9301 Info not available Other - Employer was not available to provide info Other
9302 No reason on sep. Other - Separation received without a reason. Other
9303 Requested wage info Other - Wage/payroll information only - requested. Other
9304 Sep reason not available Other - Unidentified sepcode Other
9305 Insufficient details Other - Insufficient Separation Details. Other
9306 Sep not issue - Pred acct Separation is not an issue. Predecessor Account. Other
9307 Sep not issue - Reimb Separation is not an issue. Reimbursable status. Other
9308 No GM Not Prot State Reg No Gross Misconduct-Not Protestable by State Reg Other
9400 Inventory extra Layoff - Inventory extra. Lack of Work
9500 Work sharing program Other - Work sharing program. Other
9600 Lease dept. employee Other - Lease department employee. Other
9700 Probationary Other - Probationary employee. Other
9800 On workers comp. Other - On workers compensation. Other
9900 Contract agreement Other - Contract agreement. Other

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