Separation Report Spreadsheet Format Explanation

(data type)
SSN (A) This column has to include 9 numbers with or without the hyphens.
Inhouse / Company Code (B) State of Connecticut identifier. Must be populated as SGE5
Location (C) This is the location number assigned by TALX to your agency. Contact Jodi Estep at (800) 848-0287 if you do not know your agency location number.
State (D) Must be populated as CT
Last Day of Work (E) This is a date field containing the last physical day the person worked for your company. The preferred format is MM/DD/YY.
First Day of Work (F) This is the first physical date the employee worked for your company. The preferred format is MM/DD/YY.
Return Date (G) This is the date field containing the date the agency expects this employee to return to work. The preferred format is MM/DD/YY.
Separation Reason Code (H) This is a 4 character numeric code. As a default any unmapped code can be sent to TALX as "9302", which in their system denotes that a valid separation was sent to their offices with no separation reason noted. This will prompt TALX to contact your agency to obtain a reason for separation. Attached you will find a list of valid separation codes with a brief description.
Pay Type (I) This is a one character alpha field. The following list includes the most common pay types used. Note, Special pay data will only be posted to our system if the "Pay Type" and "Pay Amount" fields and one of the following is also included in the file: "Number of Days Special Payments are Allocated", "Date Special Payment was Paid" or "Period Ending for the Special Payment" (all three or any combination of the three can be included as long as at least one has valid data).
Vacation - V
Severance - E
Sick - S
Holiday - H
Misc - M
Worker's Comp - K
Pension - P
Bonus - B
Wages in Lieu - W
Salary Continuation - D
Back Pay - F
Other - unknown - U
Pay Amount (J) This is a numeric field. Use the format cell - number option removing all commas and set the decimal places to 0.
Number of Days Special Payments are Allocated (K) This field is a 3 character numeric field. The data in this column designates the number of days the "Pay Amount" in the preceding column is to cover. For example if the person received 10 days of vacation pay the value in this column would be "10". Has to be Days not hours. Hours need to be converted to days.
Date Special Payment was Paid (L) This is a date field holding the date the special payment in the "Pay Amount" column was paid to the employee. The preferred format is MM/DD/YY.
Period Ending for the Special Payment. (M) This is a date field holding the ending date of a special payment allocation period of the amount in the "Pay Amount" column. The preferred format is MM/DD/YY.
End Row (N) This must be the last row and must be left blank.

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