State of Connecticut

ATTACHMENT 2 to Memorandum 2007-13

man on phone Ten Simple Messages for Managers:
  The most important things to remember and do to
    Control Unemployment Costs

1. THE most important thing you need to do when someone separates, for any reason, is call the Separations reporting line at 1-800-366-6690.

2. Keep your Unemployment Procedure Book close at hand and accessible at all times. On your desktop? Top drawer? Bulletin board?

3. Documentation is vital to avoid losing unemployment cases (and other legal actions) that can cost thousands of dollars in unemployment benefits taken out of our accounts. It also protects YOU. Always document what you say and do.

4. Good documentation is simple, brief, and to-the-point. It doesn't take much time at all…Who, what, when, where, why. Names, dates, times…a few details… That's it!

5. One claim lost can cause a loss to the budget of over $12,000. Additional losses mount.

6. When in doubt, call TALX UC eXpressSM Phone: 800-848-0287, ext. 3097. Ask for the Unemployment Insurance consultant for the State of Connecticut, Chris Mayercin.

7. Answer their e-mail, phone or voice mails promptly. Remember, TALX is working for US! Everything they do has deadlines that can affect our budgets significantly.

8. If you receive claims, or hearing notices, consult your Unemployment Procedure Book or fax them immediately to Chris Mayercin at TALX at 866-566-7425.

9. If asked by TALX to be or to furnish a witness or documentation for a hearing make every effort to comply or consult with your immediate supervisor or manager. There are significant dollars involved.

10. Our Client Relationship Manager at TALX is Jerry Christiani. For general questions, problems or complaints, he can be reached at (203) 734-0432 or, via E-mail at He has overall responsibility for our program.

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