To: Agency Payroll & Personnel Officers
From: Gary Reardon
Director Payroll Services
Date: May 6, 2004
Subject: New Process for Online Checks With Regards to Check Reversals

When canceling an entire check, there are certain deductions that cannot be reversed (as part of the reversal process). These deductions are: CSE Credit Unions, Garnishments, and Savings Bonds. At the time the reversal is being executed in PeopleSoft, a process is in place to create a negative agency recovery deduction to compensate for the deductions that cannot be reversed. At this point the agency is short by the total of the current non-reversible deductions (the vendor associated with the deduction(s) is not required to return deduction money associated with the affected check). The current process then requires the agencies to manually retrieve a check from the employee to offset the negative agency recovery.

Effective immediately, when the off-cycle replacement check (a.k.a. petty cash check or on-line check) is issued, the check should include an agency recovery deduction for the total of the non-reversible deductions. This will prevent the agency from having to manually retrieve a check from the employee. If a replacement check is not necessary (as the employee should not have been paid for the current cycle), the agency should manually retrieve this money from the employee.

For example,

If an employee had a garnishment deduction ($100.00), a savings bond deduction ($100.00) and a CSE credit union deduction ($100.00) on the original check, a $300.00 agency recovery deduction should be included on the petty cash request form with a description of each of the non-reversible deductions. The following is an excerpt from the actual petty cash form capturing the process if an OSC employee had a garnishment, CSE Credit Union, and a Savings Bond deduction:

DEDUCTION INFORMATION_________________________________________________________________________


Deduction Code Deduction Description Deduction Amount
YOSC Agcy Recovery for GARNSH, CUCSE, + SAVBND $ 300.00

Deducting the money (using the agency recovery code) during the off-cycle replacement check process will offset the negative agency recovery that is generated at the time the reversal is processed (as shown in the above example).

The following is a detailed list of the deductions that cannot be reversed followed by a complete list of agency recovery deduction codes:

1) CSE Credit Union:

CUCSE CT St Employees Credit Union

2) Garnishments:

GARNSH Garnishment

3) Savings Bonds

SAVBND Savings Bonds - Series EE

List of all Agency Recoveries deductions and their respective descriptions:

YAAC AgyRec African-Am Aff Comm
YACC AgyRec Asnuntuck Com
YADMUC AgyRec Admin Unemploy Comp
YAES AgyRec Agr Exp Station
YAPA AgyRec Aud of Public Accounts
YBHE AgyRec Board of Gov Higher Ed
YBOE AgyRec Board of Ed
YCAT AgyRec Comm on Arts & Tourism
YCCC AgyRec Capital Comm
YCCT AgyRec Comm Coll Trust
YCHC AgyRec Conn Historical Comm
YCLC AgyRec State Lottery
YCME AgyRec Off of Chief Med Exam
YCOC AgyRec Com Chld and Youth
YCOD AgyRec Deaf and Hearing Imprd
YCOS AgyRec Charter Oak College
YCSC AgyRec CT Siting Council
YCSL AgyRec State Library
YCSM AgyRec Conn State Marshalls
YCST AgyRec Board of Trustee
YCSU AgyRec Cent Ct St Univ
YCSW AgyRec Comm Status of Women
YDAG AgyRec Dept of Agriculture
YDAS AgyRec Dept of Admin Service
YDCC AgyRec Off of Consum Counsel
YDCF AgyRec Dept of Child and Fam
YDCJ AgyRec Div of Criminal Justice
YDCP AgyRec Dept of Con Protect
YDEP AgyRec Dept of Environ Prot
YDHE AgyRec Dept. of Higher Ed
YDMR AgyRec Dept of Mntl Rtrdation
YDMV AgyRec Dept of Motor Veh
YDOB AgyRec Dept of Banking
YDOC AgyRec Dept of Correction
YDOI AgyRec Dept of Insurance
YDOL AgyRec Dept of Labor
YDOT AgyRec Dept of Transportation
YDOTPC AgyRec DOT Petty Cash
YDPH AgyRec Dept of Public Health
YDPS AgyRec Dept of Public Safety
YDPW AgyRec Dept of Public Works
YDRS AgyRec Dept of Revenue Serv
YDSR AgyRec Div of Special Rev
YDSS AgyRec Dept of Social Serv
YDVA AgyRec Dept of Vet Affairs
YECD AgyRec Dept of Ec and Com Dev
YELE AgyRec Elections Enforce Comm
YESB AgyRec Bd of Ed Serv for Blind
YESU AgyRec Eastern Ct Univ
YETH AgyRec Ethics Commission
YFOI AgyRec Freedom of Infor Comm
YFPC AgyRec Comm Fire Prev and Ctrl
YFPE AgyRec Bd of Firearm Permit Ex
YGCC AgyRec Gateway Comm
YGOV AgyRec Governor's Office
YHCA AgyRec Off of Hlth Care Access
YHCC AgyRec Housatonic Comm
YHRO AgyRec Com Hum Right and Opp
YITD AgyRec Dept of Infor Tech
YJSC AgyRec Judicial Selection Comm
YJUD AgyRec Judicial Dept
YLGO AgyRec Lieutenant Gov Office
YLPR AgyRec Latino Puerto Rican Aff
YMHA AgyRec Mntl Hlth and Add Ser
YMIL AgyRec Military Dept
YMNC AgyRec Manchester Comm
YMVC AgyRec Middsex Comm
YNGC AgyRec Naugatuck Comm
YNTC AgyRec Norwalk Comm
YNWC AgyRec NorthWest Comm
YOAG AgyRec Attorney General
YOCA AgyRec Off of Child Advocate
YOLM AgyRec Legislative Management
YOPA AgyRec Pro and Ad Per with Dis
YOPM AgyRec Off of Policy and Man
YOSC AgyRec State Comptroller
YOTT AgyRec State Treasurer
YOVA AgyRec Office of Victim Adv
YOWC AgyRec Off of Workforce Comp
YPDS AgyRec Pub Defender Serv Comm
YPRB AgyRec St Properties Review Bd
YPSR AgyRec Psychiatric Sec Rev Bd
YPST AgyRec Pl Off Stnd and Tran Co
YPUC AgyRec Dpt of Pub Utility Cont
YQCC AgyRec Quinebaug Com
YSDE AgyRec Dept of Education
YSOS AgyRec Secretary of the State
YSSM AgyRec Soldier Sailor Marines
YSSU AgyRec Southern Ct Unv
YTCC AgyRec Tunxis Comm
YTRB AgyRec Teachers' Ret Board
YTRC AgyRec Three River Com
YUHC AgyRec Univ of Conn Hlth Ctr
YUOC AgyRec University of Conn
YWCC AgyRec Workers' Comp Comm
YWSU AgyRec Western Ct Univ

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