State of Connecticut

Attachment to MEMORANDUM NO. 2003-16

Send to: Office of the State Comptroller
Policy Services Division
Property Control Questionnaire
55 Elm Street Hartford, CT 06106
Fax Number: (860) 702-3441


Property Control Information

Instructions 1. Date ______________

Please complete items 1-7. Complete items 8-11 only if the information has changed. Thank you.

Agency Number Agency Name

2. _____________ 

3. ________________________________

Person responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the Property Control Record System.

4. ____________________________________________________________________

Title Telephone Number
5. _____________________ 6. ________________________________

7. Email Address ___________________________________________

Recordkeeping system currently in place.

8. Software: ______________________________________

9. Do you use a bar code system for taking your yearly physical inventory? ____________________________________________________________________

10. Number of items on current inventory? ____________________________________

11. Are changes planned or currently under way to augment and/or replace your existing system? _____________________________________________________________

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