January 18, 2001


ATTENTION: Personnel and Payroll Officers
SUBJECT: Supplemental Employee Benefits Program


Comptroller's Memorandum No. 97-8 announced the commencement of the Supplemental Employee Benefits Program (Program), an initiative designed to provide employees with access through the central payroll system to offerings that complement those basic benefits the state funds either in whole or in part. All benefits under the Program are paid for in their entirety by voluntary employee payroll deductions. The purpose of this communication is to introduce enhanced and improved features that have been incorporated into the Program as of January 1, 2001. 


In accordance with Connecticut General Statutes, Section 3-123g, the Comptroller established a Vendor Advisory Committee (VAC), consisting of management and labor representatives, which publicly solicited proposals from firms interested in participating in the Program. From the submissions received, the VAC identified products which would in its collective judgment be of value to state employees, given the range of basic benefits funded by the employer. Thereafter, the VAC conducted a series of competitive marketing exercises and ultimately presented to the Comptroller a set of recommendations that took into consideration price, and each vendor's skill, ability, integrity, and past performance. The process concluded with the Comptroller's selection of eight firms to participate in the Program.


A. Program Components 

The Program has been enhanced by the addition of a vendor to market supplemental term life insurance, and another to offer cancer insurance policies. Program improvement is anticipated through the element of vendor competition, which has been introduced in the area of short term disability coverage, as well as the property and casualty insurance field. The eight vendors that now participate in the Program offer the following seven supplemental benefits: (1) short term disability, (2) long term disability, (3) auto and homeowners insurance, (4) cancer insurance (5) universal life insurance, (6) term life insurance, and (7) long term care. 

Set forth below is a listing and brief description of the benefits offered, the authorized vendor(s) for each product and their telephone number: 

Short Term Disability Insurance* 

Available to full-time, active employees, this product protects against the short-term loss of income due to a covered accident or illness. Two vendors have been selected.

Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company - (860) 645-8833

Medical Life Insurance Company - (866) 858-1171 

Long Term Disability Insurance* 

Available to full-time, active employees, this product protects against the long-term loss of income due to accident or illness. This offering should be of particular interest to members of Tier II and Tier IIA of the State Employee Retirement System as they are not covered by non-service connected disability provisions prior to completing ten years of vesting service. One vendor has been selected.

 Hartford Life & Accident Insurance Company - (888) 723-8583 

Auto & Homeowners Insurance 

Available to full-time, active employees and retirees, this product protects against liability and damage to, or loss of, auto, home and other personal property. Two vendors have been selected. 

Metropolitan Casualty & Property Insurance Company & Affiliates - (800) 438-6381

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company- (800) 225-8281 

Cancer Insurance 

Available to full-time, active employees and retirees, this product pays benefits for certain cancer treatments and screenings. It is designed to supplement existing health insurance coverage. One vendor has been selected.

AFLAC - (877) 295-9939

Universal Life Insurance* 

Available to full-time, active employees and retirees interested in supplementing their life insurance coverage offered on a qualified issue basis. One vendor has been selected.

ReliaStar Life Insurance Company of New York - (800) 842-8444

Term Life Insurance* 

Available to full-time active employees and retirees who participate in the basic Group Life Insurance Program. One vendor has been selected.

Medical Life Insurance Company - (866) 858-1171 

Long Term Care Insurance* 

Available to full-time, active employees and retirees, this product protects against the cost of long term health care, whether at home or in a convalescent hospital. This group policy is approved by the Connecticut Partnership and, as such, protects a subscriber's assets from depletion due to the cost of long-term care. One vendor has been selected.

UNUM Life Insurance Company of America - (800) 324-9503

*Open enrollment periods are conducted for these benefits. Eligible employees will be allowed to enroll during their agency's open enrollment period without the need for medical underwriting or a physical examination, subject to certain coverage limitations. This privilege will be extended to new employees hired after the open enrollment period concludes.

Note: The definition of a full-time, active employee may vary by vendor. Please contact vendors for eligibility requirements.

B. Implementation Issues 

Subject to operating needs, agencies are encouraged to accommodate the Program's authorized vendors so that they can speak to, meet with, and enroll employees. With the exception of vendors authorized to participate in the Deferred Compensation (457) and Supplemental Annuities (403b) Programs, agencies are specifically directed to deny access to any other firms seeking to market products or services to state employees, as they have not received the Comptroller's "official seal of approval".

 C. Administration Issues 

Coverage and policy content questions should be directed to the vendor representatives identified herein. 

The general responsibility to administer the Program has been assigned to the Comptroller's Retirement & Benefit Services Division (RBSD); accordingly, administrative and related concerns should be directed to the RBSD at (860) 702-3543. With paychecks dated February 9, 2001, RBSD will be issuing to all employees a descriptive brochure on the Program; agencies will be provided with a supply of these brochures to include in their new employee orientation procedures.

The specific responsibility to administer payroll deductions for employees who elect to participate in the Program has been assigned to the Comptroller's Payroll Services Division (PSD), which will coordinate directly with each vendor for payroll deduction processing; payroll queries should therefore be directed to PSD at (860) 702-3464 or, in the case of RJE agencies, (860) 702-3451.


Your continued assistance in making the Program accessible to your agency's employees is greatly appreciated.


Very truly yours, 

Nancy Wyman

State Comptroller



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