The Student Activity Fund Accounting System will be subdivided into three ledgers:

  1. Proprietary Ledger
  2. Operating Ledger
  3. Budgetary Ledger


Proprietary accounts show the amount owned (assets), the amount owed (liabilities), and the excess of assets over liabilities (surplus and reserves).

1.00 Assets
1.10 Cash in Checking Account
1.11 Cash in STIF
1.12 Cash in Savings Account
1.13 Petty Cash
1.14 Available
1.15 Available
1.16 Accounts Receivable
1.17 Materials and Supplies Inventory
1.18 Equipment Inventory
2.00 Liabilities and Fund Equities
2.11 Accounts Payable
2.12 Fees Collected in Advance
3.00 Reserves
3.15 Available
3.16 Reserved for Accounts Receivable
3.17 Reserved for Materials and Supplies Inventory
3.18 Reserved for Equipment Inventory
3.19 Reserved for Working Capital
4.00 Unappropriated Surplus


Operating accounts show receipts and disbursements for the Student Activity Fund.

5.00 Revenue Receipts
5.11 Fees - Current Year
5.12 Fees - Graduation
5.13 Lost I.D. Cards
5.14 Miscellaneous Receipts
5.15 Interest Income
5.16 Student Organization
6.00 Expenditures


The Budgetary Ledger is based on the Estimated Income and Appropriations voted by the Student Senate.

8.00 Estimated Revenue Receipts (Control Account)
9.00 Appropriations and Allotments (Control Account)


10.00 Student Senate Activities
10.11 Freshman Orientation Week
10.12 Homecoming Week
10.13 Winter Weekend Festival
10.14 N.Y. Theater and Baseball Trip
10.15 Spring Festival Weekend
10.16 Spring Prom
10.17 Awards Banquet
10.18 Earth Day
10.19 Senate Awards Banquet
10.20 Game Room


20.00 Publications
20.11 College Newspaper
20.12 Literary Magazine
20.13 Yearbook
30.00 Organizations
30.11 Hotel Restaurant Management
30.12 Film Club
30.13 Current Affairs
30.14 Drama Club
30.15 Accounting Club
30.16 A.M.S. Club
30.17 Marketing Club
30.18 French Club
30.19 Spanish Club
30.20 Ski Club
30.21 Free University
30.22 Future Secretaries of America
30.23 Phi Theta Kappa
30.24 Music Workshop
40.00 Student Senate Misc. Fund
50.00 Refunds of Student Fees


  1. New accounts may be added as necessary (In cases of group budgeting, by organization and function, additional accounts may be added, if desired, to control functional expenditures by object.).
  2. Some institutions will not find it necessary to use all of the listed accounts.

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