State of Connecticut

The State Comptroller is on of the six state officers elected to hold office for a term of four years. The office of the State Comptroller was established in1786 by an act of the General Assembly. The Constitutional Amendment of 1836 provided that the Comptroller be elected by the people in a manner similar to that of other State officers. Since 1838 this method has been in effect.

The Comptroller prescribes the mode of keeping and rendering all public accounts. She is required to adjust and settle all public accounts and demands, excepting grants and orders of the General Assembly. The Comptroller also renders a monthly accounting of the State's financial condition.

In addition, the Comptroller approves and records all obligations against the State. She maintains all official accounting records and is responsible for the employee payrolls for the State agencies, departments, and institutions. Her office administers all Retirement Systems other than Teachers' retirement. Additionally, the Comptroller administers numerous miscellaneous appropriations of the State.

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